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Questions related to panel features

QOLED lighting panel is supposed to be thin. How thin is it?
AOLED lighting panel is 1.1 mm thick. The Module SL with built-in drive circuit is 5 mm.
QOLED lighting is supposed to produce a soft light. What kind of light is it?
AThe section, Life with KANEKA OLED, shows spaces that are suitable for OLED lighting and how to use the lighting. The light spreads as if it is enclosing the items and the surrounding space.
QI feel hot when I’m near lighting. Is this the same case for OLED lighting?
AOLED lighting emits heat from the entire surface. Therefore, the amount of heat emitted per unit area is lower so it will not make you feel as hot as conventional light sources.
QDoes it give off an intense glare?
AWe cannot make a general comment regarding how the glare is sensed as this varies depending on the individual. OLED lighting emits light over the entire surface and not in a concentrated spot.
QIs color mixing possible?
ANo, color mixing is not possible in KANEKA OLED lighting panel due to structural characteristics.
QIs dimming possible?
AYes, dimming is possible.
The PWM, DALI, and DMX dimmers are supported.
Our module product also supports dimming controls. For details, please see “Products > Module.” For further details, please “Contact us”.

Questions related to lighting fixture and drivers

QWhere can I purchase OLED lighting fixtures?
ACurrently, KANEKA LUCE is equipped with KANEKA OLED lighting panel. If you wish to purchase the product, please contact us. At present, we sell to corporate customers only.
For information regarding lighting fixtures besides Kaneka products that use KANEKA OLED panel, please contact us.
QPlease provide information on the drive system and necessary peripheral equipment.
AIf you are looking for an existing driver or a dimmer, you can use our module product. For details, please see "Products > Module". For other information or for further details, please Contact us.


QHow can I purchase an OLED lighting panel and an OLED lighting module? How much are they?
APlease contact us.
Kaneka currently sells the products to corporate customers only.
QIn what kind of place is KANEKA OLED lighting used?
APlease see the photographs in the "Projects" section of our website to see suggestions of spaces where OLED lighting is used.
QIf the panel breaks, how can it be disposed of?
AKANEKA OLED lighting panels are noncombustible. It must be disposed of in accordance with regulations of the local government.