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OLED vanity mirror

A space for producing beauty in which you can gaze at your natural self

"Makeup should be applied near the window" means natural sunlight accurately reveals the skin’s condition.
KANEKA OLED can reproduce skin color that is close to that under natural sunlight.

Top photograph: Pola The Beauty (Japan)
Bottom photographs, from left: Model house of a residential construction company (Tokyo), training facility: Accommodation (Japan), Pola the Beauty (Ginza store).

Anti-shadow surface light emission

OLED that is widely diffused on the surface gently lights the entire face even if you bring your face up close to the mirror.
Soft light with less shadows makes it easier to check your makeup and clothes.

OLED without getting in the way

The thickness of OLED lighting panel is about 1 mm. Integrating it with a mirror creates a flat lighting mirror that can help to free up space.