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Traditional Japanese

A space with high-quality lighting that symbolizes the Japanese aesthetic sense

The softly diffused light and the delicately floating shadows produce a comfortable high-quality space.
KANEKA OLED is suitable for Japanese-style rooms used for entertaining guests.

Top Photograph: Tea-ceremony room (Residence of I family, Tokyo)
Bottom photograph, from left: Alcove of Japanese-style room (Residence of I family, Tokyo), Tea-ceremony room (Residence of I family, Tokyo), Hechi in NY: Exhibition (2014)

Gradation of soft light

Diffused light gently enwraps the space, creating a gentle and relaxing atmosphere.
The lights of OLED lighting on the wall or floor create a soft gradation of lights.

Lighting integrated into furniture and walls

KANEKA OLED lighting panel feature, thin and light weight, which allows it to be integrated into the furniture and walls, and allows creation of designs with the natural materials such as bamboo or papar.