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A space for relaxation enwrapped in softly spreading light

This lighting is suitable for use in spaces for relaxing the mind and body, and in places you spend time engaged in conversation with that special someone.
KANEKA OLED produces a relaxing atmosphere, where people want to unwind.

Top photograph: Model house; Bedroom for the theme of Active Care (Japan)
Bottom photograph, from the left: Hotel room; Bedroom of a model house (Japan); Training facility accommodation (Japan)

Gentle light

Warm surface light sources fill spaces with an engaging light, providing a sense of peace and harmony.
KANEKA OLED provides a new style of space, not too bright and not too dark.

Lighting integrated with furniture and walls

KANEKA OLED lighting panels are slim enough to be integrated into walls or furniture, creating an unobtrusive lighting source that does not interfere with the design.
OLED lighting is also useful for extending the living space of a hotel room.