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Milano Salone 2013

OLED lighting installation “Infuse” presented by KANEKA

KANEKA CORPORATION will present its OLED lighting installation “Infuse” at the Milano Salone 2013 this April placed at SuperStudio in Tortona, Milan ( At Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27).
The 2013 installation was designed by rising young talent, architect Chikara Ohno, well established lighting designer Izumi Okayasu and noted textile designer Yoko Ando.

-An environment infused with light.-

In this installation, our goal is not to illuminate an object or display a source of light, but to create an environment defined by an intermediate condition of light.
The exhibition area is not so much an interior, but an environment like a landform where the soft light provided by many OLED panels infuses the space, forming a large 'light-scape'.
Through the use of a detailed light control program, a space with shifting changes is created.
We hope that the act of moving through a landscape permeated with light provides a new lighting experience that is richer than a purely visual one.

Enter KANEKA’s 2013 OLED installation and immerse yourself in an environment infused with a spectacle of mesmerizing light.

Space Designer
sinato Inc

Chikara Ohno
Chikara Ohno
registered architect, first class

Born in Osaka 1976.
Studied Urban Design at Kanazawa University.
After graduating, worked freelance and founded sinato in 2004.
Specializing in the design of private houses and commercial space as well as projects related to advertising media and art, his activities have received many awards both in Japan and Internationally.
From 2011, has served as a part-time lecturer at Kyoto University of Art and Design.

Lighting Designer
Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design Office Co., Ltd.

Izumi Okayasu
Izumi Okayasu

Founded in 2005 by Izumi Okayasu. Born in Kanagawa 1972.
Graduated from Department of Agricultural Engineering College of Agricultural and Veterinary Medicine, Nihon University 1994.
Representative works include “White Chapel” with Jun Aoki & Associates, “Afloat” with Yuko Nagayama & Associates, “Jin’s Global Standard Nagareyama” with Ryuji Nakamura Architects Co., Ltd.,

Representative works at Milano Salone:
Toshiba / “Lceste : TOSHIBA LED LIGHTING” with Suppose design office
Toshiba / "Luce Tempo Luogo" with DORELL.GHOTMEH.TANE/ARCHITECTS
Panasonic / "Photosynthesis" / akihisa hirata architecture office

Textile Designer
Yoko Ando Design

Yoko Ando
Yoko Ando
Photo: Atushi Nakamichi

Born in Tokyo 1968.
Studied Graphic Design at Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design.
After graduating, worked at NUNO Corporation as a creative staff.
Worked freelance and founded Yoko Ando Design in 2011.
Representative work include “Tama Art University Libraries” with Toyo Ito And Associates, Architects “Asakusa Culture Tourism Center” with KENGO KUMA AND ASSOCIATES. Has provided textiles to numerous architects and designers.

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