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About us

Kaneka will keep establishing competitive businesses in expanding fields so that we can grow and advance dramatically as a global business.

By using OLED lighting to create a “new lighting culture,” Kaneka offers comfortable, secure, healthy, and harmonious lighting spaces, which contribute to the enhancement of everyday lives.


Comfortable life

In general, people find comfort in naturally created light such as that generated from the sun, moon, candles, and flaming torches. Our aim is to help people achieve a comfortable life by creating a culture of soft light that replicates natural sunlight.

Healthy life

We offer solutions to achieve a peaceful and healthy life to help alleviate the stress that comes with modern society.

Secure life

We offer solutions to ensure the right amount of lighting in the right places to provide you with peace of mind.

Living in “Traditional Japanese”

Living in harmony with nature is an important aspect of Japanese culture. The Japanese place importance on interpersonal relationships and sense of empathy. Through OLED lighting, we aim to draw on the comfort of natural lighting to reproduce the essence of Japanese culture.

KANEKA Corporation
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